The Boathouse Project

The Boathouse Project is the title we’ve given our recording project. Using musicians, singers, photographers and film producers from the Boathouse and boosting it with the use of long-time friends from other churches we got enough folk together to make this all happen.

So, with the tremendous generosity of Chris and Michelle Townsend we all came together in early July and converted their lovely house into a recording studio for 3 days. We had played together a number of times before at various gigs and a number of Christmas Eve “unplugged” evenings- but this was a first as far as recording together was concerned.

We knew 3 days wasn’t nearly enough time to record everything for each song so we concentrated mainly on the rhythm section and the vocals. But we made really good progress thanks largely to the skillful engineering tricks of Paul Burton. Through Paul’s editing skills the 3 days also yielded time for keys and violin on some of the tracks, so overall we got a lot done in the time we had. The rest of the recording and mix down was done at The Old Chapel Studio in Chichester, England, UK.

After much deliberation we decided to split the project into 2 halves. One half was to do a Christmas album that had an acoustic “unplugged rock” feel. The other was to do everything else we wanted to record including even a moody version of Born in the U.S.A.

Our new album "WINTER" is out now! Click below to listen for sample track

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