Everything You Want to Know About the Bible is a book written by Ben Shaw and Pete Downey (a friend of the Boathouse who lives in Sydney Australia). The book is specifically designed for someone who is new to the Bible and wants to know what it’s all about. In a simple and sometimes humorous style the authors give answers to questions such as; How did the Bible come together? Who wrote the Bible? What manuscripts do we have today? and Why are there so many translations? Then Ben & Pete take us through each section of the Bible explaining things as they go in an engaging a very readable style.


Following Everything You Want to Know About the Bible Ben and Pete’s next book was Everything You Want to Know About Jesus. Despite the wealth of information we have about Jesus through books and the arts, sadly to many, Jesus has become a bland religious cardboard cut-out who speaks in pious cliche´s. This straight-forward and honest look at the life of Jesus is a great eye-opener for someone who’s new to Jesus or for anyone who wants a fresh perspective on the man from Nazareth.