Some of us are involved in media industries such as film, photography and production etc... so below (with a little help from our friends) are some videos of talks at the Boathouse and one music film clip.

Christ and the Leper - Mark 1

Colossians 3

The Historical Credability of the Gospels

Jonah 4

The Purpose of the Resurrection

Jonah 3

Self Disclosure - I am the Light of the World

Acts 2: 42-47 - The First Church

Isaiah 53

Acts 14 Part 2

Acts 12

Acts Chapter 11

When God seems distant. Psalm 13

Has the Bible Changed over the Centuries?

Acts 9:32-43 Peter in Lydda and Joppa

Responding to Easter: Loving Others

The Book of Acts, Chapter 6

Responding to Easter: Talk 1 Loving God

Acts 2 The Boathouse Church Putney London

An introduction to the Book of Acts. The Boathouse Church Putney London

A short film clip featuring a song from our new album "WINTER". We're hoping to expand this area of our ministry (film and production) in all sorts of ways, particularly in the areas of Bible teaching and music.