George Frazer
Ben Shaw
Ben Shaw
Genesis 2:5-14 This passage isn't just here to give us a visual description of the Garden of Eden but a theological picture of God. In this talk we look at 5 ways in which the Garden of Eden points us to an amazing God.
Ben Shaw
Genesis 1:26-31 The Rareness of humanity, the Responsibility of humanity and the Relationships humans are designed for are all expanded in this talk.
Ben Shaw
Genesis 1 paints a very vivid picture of a good God. This comes through the text in a number of obvious and a few not-so obvious ways. The goodness as displayed in Genesis (and then in the rest of the Bible) has huge implications for us.
Ben Shaw
Genesis 1:1-25 A talk on the 5 ways the Power of God is emphasized from Genesis 1 and what it implies for us today.
Ben Shaw
Genesis 1:1-3 This talk looks at the foundational doctrines of God and what it means for us today in the modern culture of a pluralistic 21st century city like London.